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Hello, I'm Terry Saunders. I'm in part a writer, illustrator, animator, broadcaster, beard sporter, hat wearer and faller overer. Here you can find details about the stuff I've written, shows I've done, videos I've made, things I've thought and maybe even buy something (eventually).

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Missed Connections

A story about a lonely girl called Ethel,Ethel from Missed Connections who is obsessed with the "I saw you" adverts and tries to get written about in one.



What I mainly do now is writing, I'm working on a novel (aren't we all?). But in the meantime read some of the other words I have produced here. The latest is called Eight Seven, about deception the day after the bombs.

Six and a Half Loves six and a half loves

A story about perfect couples.

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Everyone has to have one, here's mine.

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Who is this Terry chap?

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I make things, make me make you things.