The Inbetweeners was returning for a one off (and very successful) reunion show. I was approached to make these bumper animations/motion graphics. The brief was to animate a dictionary definition, with the original concept being a very literal paragraph onscreen under the voiceover with doodles and ink splats animating on.

I pushed back on this as I thought there was a danger of a viewer just reading the whole definition ahead of the VO and ruining any of the jokes, so instead proposed a version with only the word being defined on the screen, and everything else happening as the VO dictates.

They liked this and I storyboarded up ideas for each from the existing scripts for sign off. Once the raw blank book footage and voiceover tracks were sent through I set about rigging the animation. There were several shots of the book and I wanted to be able to cut from one to the other with the animation in sync. So I set up a project of nested comps, split into left and right pages and warped over the page footage. Now by manipulating the animation in one After Effects comp all the various angles would update, making workflow and last minute changes/requests much easier.

The final Motion Graphics

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