Submarine Cable


I wonder if you’ve ever wondered what goes in an undersea communications cable?


Then you and me are made of different stuff. I not only wondered but went on Wikipedia and found this diagram...

And then I thought, ‘this would look good in 3D’

And you know what? It bloody does.


I got a hamster, I made this with the hamster but forgot to finish it.

The hamster died, now this looks like poor Maude’s first steps into hell.

Either way it was a comp of some nice Cinema4D neon renders and then a squizzy bit of live action (now dead) hamster.

Fake stop motion

Stop motion is hard, it takes ages and you have to be patient and not rush. I’m shit at all those things.

But luckily you can fake stop motion in After Effects and so I did...

F1 Tyre v1

I've loved F1 since I was a kid and so it seems like an obvious thing to try to realistically model is a bit of car. I've started with a tyre.

F1 Tyre 1.jpg
F1 Tyre 3.jpg
F1 Tyre 2.jpg
F1 Tyre 4.jpg

Falling Rings

More 3D fun, based on a new ring (for wearing) I just bought. I thought, "What would it be like to chuck a bunch of these down a weird kind of amphitheatre well?"

So I opened up Cinema 4D to have a looksee...

3D BT Tower v3

I've been teaching myself #cinema4D and here is my first proper 3D project, as ever I'm obsessed with the BT Tower and so here you go, not bad for a novice.

This is my 3D BT Tower all in HD (not 4K, get bent) and with some accurately placed London mapping and a bit of foggy night time.

That tower I love, now in glorious #3D made in #Cinema4D

3D BT Tower v2

I done some more work on this - particularly impressed with all the different colour windows despite each level being a clone (you know what I'm saying effector geeks).

I think I've rather over-lit this version though - feels a little flat or cartoon like.

Version 2 of my #3d experiment. Trying to make it more realistic but it's actually gone quite cartoony. #cinema4d

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I've been teaching myself 3D, specifically Cinema4D.

For reasons I can't quite ascertain the first project I undertake with any new tool is the BT Tower, possibly just because it looks impressive but actually is just a bunch of circles and lines (but then, isn't life like that really?).

Anyway, here is version 1... it looks like a 3D model as opposed to a real thing, but not a bad first attempt.

I am teaching myself #3d and as ever I'm starting with the bloody #bttower #cinema4d

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