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This print started off on a run. I was in Greenwich Park and it was probably just after Brexit, Trump or some other disaster dooming the world. And then I stopped near this tree.

I just thought, this has been here for ages, and it doesn't give a shit about all this stuff running through our minds.

"I have to draw you".

And so I did.



tree tn.png


I've illustrated a series of towers, let's not get too bogged down in the phallic reasons as to why, suffice to say my towers haven't had any complaints before. Although it is cold.   

The first on my list, after months of staring at it through an office window, was the BT Tower, the hallowed communications hub of London. Once the GPO tower and now all telecomed I drew it, then used it as my first foray into screenprinting.

When David Bowie died I noted how the people at the tower had done a tribute and so I adjusted the design to make my own mini tribute to a tribute...

Soon other towers I've either been up or stood near had their chance to be made by me and so using ink and Adobe Illustrator I revisited Berlin's TV Tower, the Seattle Space Needle and back to London for a bit of pointy shard. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 11.10.29.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 14.40.20.png

And then I did some screenprinting, producing a set of colourful prints of each - all from my flat - I bloody ruined the carpet. I've since transferred to a studio to work on bigger prints and am able to use a mop when needed.

All these prints are available to buy from my corner of etsy

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 11.10.44.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 14.44.21.png



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