Or a list of impressive things I can say I've done

when the Small Talk dries up. 


Stand Up Comedian

The Biggie, for eight years I was a standup comic, my entire contribution to the ouvre is now relegated to this page


Whilst inbetween careers I signed up to be an extra, it was a bit embarrassing and I got two jobs out of it, one was to be in the background of a dating advert filmed at the V&A and the other was to be in Skyfall. So I spent a few days knocking around on set being all bewildered. One the last day I got put in a really visible chair in the scene where Q gets hacked. Some extras spend lives waiting for gig that sweet. I retired straight after.


Back when Flash was a thing I did a bunch of animations and videos for bands.


I got an MA in Creative Writing and have been (like most people my age) trying to write a novel.


I used to do a lot of radio stuff and almost got the set - I was definitely on BBC Radios 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6music, but never 1.


Talking of Radio 4, I had my own story on there called Dad Designs, in which I stated how I wished Kevin McCloud was my dad. By a twist of fate and he having gone to uni with the head of BBC comedy he agreed to be in it. Weird


He follows me on twitter, can't remember why.


I once recorded a spoken word story type voiceover for a song, that song was played on 6Music, so I'm a kind of pop star, no?